"About DSAEU" - English version - for foreign students and researches

IV Level of Accreditation
Form of property: state
License AД № 072667 from 10.09.12.

    Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian and Economic University was founded in 1922. There are 7 faculties and 6 colleges now. Each year the university is at the top-10 of agrarian universities of Ukraine. Taking part in international projects (among them three TEMPUS ones) DSAEU have good experience in development and implementation EU based master course and some modules. More than 6 000 students study at our University. 69 doctors, professors and 231 candidates of sciences and associate professors work at the University. Almost 100 students from different foreign countries are studying at the DSAEU.
    Students may get the degrees of Bachelor, Specialist and Master, post-graduate (PhD) courses.
   There is no Preparatory Faculty at our University but we can offer for foreign students to apply with the certificate about graduation Preparatory courses of other University of Ukraine according to directions:

  1. Agronomy: Agronomy, Forestry and landscape economy, Landscape economy. 
  2. Biotechnology: Technology of animal products production and processing, Water Bio-resources and Aquaculture. 
  3. Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary medicine, Expertise and veterinary control. 
  4. Ecology and Land ReclamationEcology and environmental protection, Hydraulic engineering, Water conservation. 
  5. Agriculture Engineering: Processes, machines and equipment for agriculture, Food technologies and engineering, Mechanization of Agriculture, Technology of grain keeping and processing. 
  6. Management and Marketing Faculty: Marketing, Management, Management of organization and administration. 
  7. Accounting and Finance Faculty: Accounting and audit, Finance and credit. 

We offer for foreign students 15 post-graduate courses:

  • Physiology of human and animals 
  • Animals pathology, oncology and morphology 
  • Animal hygiene and sanitary 
  • Epizootology and infectious diseases 
  • Animals breeding and selection 
  • Animals feeding and feeding technology 
  • Ecology 
  • Agricultural irrigation 
  • Plants physiology 
  • Plant-growing 
  • Soil since 
  • Machines and equipments for agriculture 
  • Plant products processing and keeping 
  • Economy and management at the state level