We invite everyone on September 28 at 9-00 to


Dnipro State University of Agriculture and Economics

We offer you:

- acquaintance with our specialties and prospects of education;


- excursion program in training classrooms, laboratories;


- meeting and communication with deans, department heads, teachers, students;


- discussion of topical issues of entry with the staff of the admission committee;


- familiarization with a wide range of programs of international exchange, internships and practical training abroad;


- participation in the Olympiad of Dnipro State University of Agriculture and Economics

for professional orientation of entrants on the basis of complete general secondary education;


- participation in trial professional tests for college graduates, technical schools;


- original workshops, competitions, quizzes with valuable gifts;


- lots of interesting and useful information, good mood, creative atmosphere of communication.




Don't forget to fill in !!!




Contact Information:


(098) 837-31-31; (050) 837-31-31; (093) 837-31-31