VI International Scientific and Practical Conference

VI International Scientific and Practical Conference

We invite you to take part in the VI international scientific-practicalinternational conference "Development of forms and methods of modern management in the conditions of globalization", which will take place on November07-09, 2018.

The conference is held with the aim of highlighting the latest scientific and practical results of research received in the field of management. The conference is intended to stimulate the exchange of ideas and thematic information between Ukrainian and foreign scholars, representatives of scientific and production environments, and serve as a source of information on the current level of scientific work for students and postgraduates.


Dnipro State University of Agrariculture and Economics
Dnipro Academy of Lifelong Education
Higher School of Occupational Safety and Health Management (Katowice, Poland)
Agrarian University. G. Kollontai (Krakow, Poland)


1. Actual problems of management in the conditions of globalization

2. The current state and ways of development of management in Ukraine

3. Areas of development of public administration

4. Economic and organizational aspects of development of cooperation in Ukraine

5. Innovative development of modern educational management

6. Modern trends in the development of the philosophy of education