Announcement of international, all-Ukrainian and scientific-practical conferences in September-October 2017, which will take place on the basis of Dnipropetrovsk State University of Agriculture and Economics.

Dear colleagues, we invite you to attend the following conferences:

- International scientific and practical conference "Zoo-technical science: the state of the problem and development". October 12-13, 2017

- The 2nd All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Internet Conference of Young Scientists "The Current State and Prospects of the Development of Agrarian Sector in Ukraine". October 11-12, 2017

- Scientific-practical conference of postgraduates, applicants and teachers of the Biotechnology Faculty based on the results of research in 2017 "Achievements of science - in the educational process". October 23, 2017

- V All-Ukrainian scientific and practical internet-conference Marketing as the most important component of the functioning of the agrarian business system. October 25-26, 2017

- International scientific and practical Internet conference "Ensuring Sustainable Development of the Agrarian Sector of the Economy: Problems, Priorities, Prospects". October 26-27, 2017


- XVII Scientific-practical conference "Actual aspects of diseases of organs of the gastrointestinal tract of pigs. Peculiarities of pathoanatomical and laboratory diagnostics ». October 2017