On June 26, the meeting was held on the results of the sections of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the University, namely the sections on the organization and control of the educational process (head Maslikov KP), the section on methodological provision of the educational process and the control of teaching and methodological work (head Ivanchenko O.E. .), sections of the development and implementation of modern educational technologies (head Vasilieva NK), sections for the provision of educational process in educational literature (head Bratchik AG), sections for the training of teachers and practical refugees of students (head Chernenko OI), sections of humanization and humanization of educational process (supervisor O.O.Orooz).

The result of the work of the Scientific and Methodological Council is the development and implementation of normative documents that provide an opportunity to improve the organization of the educational process (the Regulations on the procedure for selecting students of selected disciplines in DDAEU, the Regulations on educational programs, the order of compilation of educational and work curricula), to conduct at the level of control for updated work programs for disciplines and updating NMCs from disciplines. During the year there were commissions for solving various monitoring of the educational process, residual control of students' knowledge, controlled open classes of teachers at the faculties, listened at the meetings of the scientific and methodical council on the organization of independent work of students, methodological provision on topics of work programs that are not taught at classroom classes , updating methodological support for coursework and diploma papers. The section on providing educational work with educational literature has repeatedly reported on the state of availability of educational literature and actively conducted work on the review of educational literature to the publication and replenishment of the University Repository. The section on the development and implementation of educational technologies conducted the results of the testing of the "Agro-Education" NMC of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for students of agricultural institutions of higher education, participated in the anti-plagiarist examination. Is this information about the participation of university teachers in the rating of the NPP in the bases Scopus, ORSID? ResearcherID for GoogleScholar. A work was carried out to introduce the teachers of the University to a psychological and pedagogical seminar with modern computer technologies. The lectures of the department of information systems and technologies on the use of anti-plagiarism programs and free Google-applications were interesting. Preparation was made for carrying out on-line measure of residual knowledge of undergraduate students of DDAEU from the NMC "Agro-science" of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

During the academic year 2018-2019 Of the 303 scientific and pedagogical workers, 110 employees were trained. Improved qualifications in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, various institutions of higher education of Ukraine -49 people, research institutes, agro-industrial complexes, outside the country -40 teachers, graduated from the psychological and pedagogical seminar DDAEU - 28 teachers, practical training of students was conducted in accordance with the developed Regulations on practical training This applies to the organization and methodological provision of training, production and pre-diploma practice. During the year, contracts were concluded, in-time briefings were conducted and maintenance of practice at work was carried out, orders were being prepared and, according to the schedule, the protection of reports of passing of practice was carried out. The section for the improvement of the skills of teachers and practical training of students organized the work in cooperation with the Institute of postgraduate education for internships of university teachers and the department of information and technical support of the educational process and work with students. The section on humanization and humanization of the educational process paid attention to patriotic education of students, studying such disciplines as History of Ukraine, native land, generalized the experience of educational work of curators concerning forms and methods of work in student groups. The members of the section took part in the work of the psychological and pedagogical seminar on the methodology of teaching disciplines, religious studies, the history of our higher educational institution.

 The Scientific and Methodological Council heard the reports of the heads of sections and decided to accept information on the work of the sections to the notice.

Issues related to the publication of educational aids were also considered: the textbook "Physical chemistry. Course of lectures "of the authors of the candidate of technical sciences, the head of the department of chemistry, associate professor Chygvintseva O.P. and candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Chemistry Tokar A.V. textbook "Chemistry with the basics of biogeochemistry. Course of lectures "by the author of the senior lecturer of the chair of chemistry Ruli I..V., the textbook" Practicum on the German language in a professional direction "by the teacher of the department of philology Poddubtseva OI to publication

The chairman of the scientific and methodical council thanked everyone for his diligent work and creative approach to work.