According to experts, in the current year in Ukraine the tendency of elevating elevator capacities will continue. According to preliminary data of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, in 2019 in Ukraine it is planned to build and modernize about 130 objects for storage, refinement and processing of grain. Naturally, there will be enough complexity and problems in this process, and in order to identify and understand the causes of existing problems, as well as to analyze possible solutions to them on the basis of the NSC "Institute of Postgraduate Education and Advice" of the Dniprovsky State Agrarian and Economic University at the Department of Technology of Storage and processing of agricultural products were advanced training courses for technicians - technologists of production and technological laboratories of OPTIMUSAGRO TRADE Ltd, in which specialists improve the quality of the products. her professional competence.

The management company pays a lot of attention to the professionalism of personnel and its employees are once again attending advanced training courses. The students of the course were 14 employees of the first and second category of production and structural divisions of OPTIMUSAGRO TRADE Ltd. - Novomoskovsk, Shchaslyvsky, Yakymivsky, Ryadivsky, Razivsky, Verkhnotokmak, Nikopolsky, Orihivsky, as well as the districts: Chortomlitskaya and Dmitrovskaya.

The curricula of advanced training courses are designed taking into account the innovations that are taking place in science, education, production, as well as requirements of the labor market, competency approach to learning outcomes, requirements of professional standards and sectoral qualifications, and thus are practically oriented. Teachers were given a full package of lectures and forms of necessary documentation.

The advantages of our training are: high quality of organization and conducting of educational process, operative formation of groups on receipt of applications, maximum satisfaction of the requirements of the customer, a variety of forms and methods of training.

First of all, advanced training courses provide the opportunity to improve professional skills, increase the level of knowledge and professional skills of this category of employees, improve the performance of technological operations, the level of operation and maintenance of equipment.

The training program envisaged the carrying out of scientific-practical and training sessions, which included a number of issues: the requirements of labor protection and fire safety in the production and technical laboratories of elevators, sanitary control of grain mass as a storage facility under certain conditions and regimes, pests of cereal stocks, the sequence of technical analysis of the quality of grains, legumes and oilseeds, acceptable standards of deviation in determining the quality of grain and seeds of oilseeds, the rules of their application, techno-techno logical indicators of grain stability, which ensured a complete preparation for the qualification exam.

A group of students of the course received the best knowledge of the course by the efforts of the teachers, successfully mastered the program and completed the training with very good indicators on the final certification, and expressed gratitude to the faculty members of the university. The students were presented with certificates for the upgrading of the prescribed model.

Improve yourself, keep up with the times, do not be afraid, and do not be afraid to learn a new one, and you, of course, can achieve very high results. There is a set of training for this program, as technology technicians, as well as leading specialists - mechanics, power engineering, engineers, managers of production and technological laboratories and senior masters are invited. We are always glad to see you at our university.

Chernykh S.A., k.s.-g. Mr., Associate Professor of the Department of Agrochemistry, N. Grekova, Associate Professor of the Technology of Storage and Processing of Agricultural Sciences. products.