Offering admission to the Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University, we assume responsibility for the quality education and the future of our students. The potential entrants and their loved ones themselves are interested in getting as objective information as possible about the prospects of education and professional growth. Open Door Day is the best way to learn, evaluate, compare, test an educational institution and educational program before making a conscious choice in their favor.

On April 13, about 200 entrants came to our university. The overwhelming majority of them are graduates of the schools of the city of Dnipro and districts of Dnipropetrovsk region. Graduates of colleges and technical schools had an opportunity to learn about us and conditions of admission during the previous vocational guidance activities. This time the most popular were economic specialties, which information was of interest to more than half of the visitors. Much attention was paid to agronomic, engineering, veterinary educational programs.

A visit to the university is gaining popularity through special invitations - flyers. Each "special guest" got a gift card and a pen with a brand logo of agro-economic, and everyone who was interested in this not too warm day was warmed with a cup of tea or coffee with sweet savory.

Personal meetings attract us in their format because of the opportunity not only to answer questions, most of which are fairly standard and repeated from time to time. Their special value in defining the new generation of modern requirements for the educational process, the desire of young people to overcome the patterns of the established system of communications and obtain information, knowledge and practical skills. They are interested in freely learning foreign languages, riding in practice in modern Ukrainian and world enterprises, have access to a wide range of information resources, and be independent in their personal implementation.

So, we appeal to you, future entrants, to actively participate in the process of improving education, the conditions of entry and training during personal visits. If the distance is too large - we suggest using the service:

Skype-meeting vstup.agro - DSAEU

or call us

098 837-31-31

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