The staff of the University of the Department of Water Bioresources and Aquaculture of the Biotechnology Faculty, Associate Professor Goncharova Olena and assistant Stas Maria, participated and received the certificates of the participant of the International Scientific and Practical Seminar "European Way of Aquaculture Development in Ukraine, Trends, Competitiveness, Prospects". The seminar took place on March 29 at the initiative of the Methodological and Technological Center for Aquaculture and "ALLERAQUA".
The purpose of the workshop was to find solutions for the competitiveness of Ukrainian aquaculture, the exchange of experience of producers and scientists, and the improvement of the qualifications of the participants. The motto of the event was Henry Ford's words: "Getting together is the beginning, staying together - making progress, working together is a success." As aquaculture as a trend in our country is in the stage of European integration, graduate professionals at the enterprise specialty 207 are important for the business sector. "Water bioresources and aquaculture," and for educational institutions, practical experience, the ability to combine practical skills and scientific experience. Thus, such cooperation is the key to the success of the development of industrial aquaculture and the provision of Ukrainians fresh fish and fish products of high quality domestic production.
During summing up the round table with the director of the Methodological and Technological Center for Aquaculture Yuri Sharilo, the areas of cooperation with DSAEU were discussed for signing a cooperation agreement.