During March 26-28, 2019, the final scientific-practical conference of the 2nd round of the All-Ukrainian competition of student's scientific papers on the subject "Agronomy" took place on the basis of the Vinnitsa National Agrarian University.
The winners of the first round of the competition of higher educational establishments of Ukraine, as well as students of the biological profile of the training of other higher educational institutions, took part in the conference. As a result of the preliminary selection, 34 students from 16 higher educational institutions of Ukraine became the finalists of the competition. The general themes of the final conference were devoted to the improvement of the elements of technology of growing crops in the regions of Ukraine. The Dnieper State Agrarian and Economic University was represented at the competition by Mytsyk Aleksandrovich - Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy, in the composition of the jury, and Master 1 course of specialty 201 Agronomy - Zluzhin Ilya Genadievich, who presented a scientific paper on "The impact of adverse winter conditions and the criteria for the removal of damaged winter the crops of winter barley ", the head of the work is the professor of the chair of agrochemistry Yarchuk Igor Ivanovich. The reports of the participants were noted for actuality and novelty and aroused lively interest and interest of the listeners. The contestants showed a creative approach to the preparation and presentation of the material of their work, using a variety of demonstration materials and technical means. Separate reports on their content, novelty and depth of research were impressed by the jury members who actively participated in discussions at the sessions of the sections. Following the results of the competition, Zaluzhny Ilya became the winner and was awarded the diploma of the ІІІ degree.
An interesting cultural program was prepared for the participants of the competition, which included acquaintance with the history and present of the Vinnitsa National Agrarian University, informative excursions to the National Museum-Manor and the necropolis of MI. Pirogov, local lore museum of Vinnytsia. The event was very valuable in terms of new acquaintances and impressions.