On March 22, the Regional Scientific and Practical Conference "WATER FOR ALL" took place in the Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University in the framework of the World Water Day. The conference was attended by representatives of state water management organizations and enterprises of the Pridniprovsky region: the Regional water resources office of the Dnipropetrovsk region - responsible for working with the public Yuliya Myrosenko, the State Regional Design and Research Institute "Dniproidivandish Enterprise" - Chief Engineer Victor Demyanov, PP "Victory AVK" "- the chief hydraulic engineer Alexander Potomak, scientists and students of DSAEU.
The status of water resources and water supply of the population and sectors of the Ukrainian economy remains one of the main and actual threats to the country's "water security". The growth of water consumption, water pollution, climate change is gradually transformed into a global problem of drinking water shortages. The problems and ways of preserving water resources were discussed at the conference.
The first vice-rector - vice-rector of the academic work of DSAEU, professor Dmitry Onoprienko addressed the participants of the conference with a welcoming speech. The emotional and impressive speech of the Vice-rector on the scientific work of DSAEU, Professor Yuri Hrytsan is devoted to the acute problems of the hydrochemical state of natural waters of the Pridniprovsky region. The role of education in the training of specialists for the water management complex was disclosed by the dean of the Faculty of Water Engineering and Ecology, Associate Professor Andriy Tkachuk "How to save the Dnieper", namely, the topic of the report of the chief engineer Viktor Demyanov. A comprehensive report on state water policy and implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the country was presented by Yulia Mirnosenko. The students attending the conference were interested in the message of the graduate FVIE, and now the main hydrotechnology of one of the leading economies of the region, Alexander Potomaki, on the introduction of advanced irrigation technologies. The reports of young scientists and masters (Chushkina IV, Makarova T.K., Sadilo T.G., Zagniy AO) were also informative about the results of their scientific researches.
The conference was attended by more than 70 people, interested and concerned about the urgent problems of today and the state of water resources of the Dnipro region. The conference proposed a number of measures aimed at preserving the water resources of the region, published in the resolution of the materials of the scientific and practical conference.