Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated November 6, 2018. №1213 "On granting access to higher education institutions and scientific institutions in the management of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to electronic scientific databases", access to the Scopus and Web of Science electronic science and technology databases was provided at the expense of the state budget.
We invite scientists, postgraduates and students of our university, as well as scientists from other educational institutions and scientific institutions of the Dnipropetrovsk region to take advantage of the possibility of access to foreign databases of scientific information.
Access to Scopus and Web of Science is provided through the University's IP address, that is, from any computer of the library reading rooms and computers on the local network of the University that are connected to the Internet.
Please note: registration in the databases is possible only in the university's local network. In the future, you can use unique services from any computer both at the university and outside the university.
We remind that in order to start using the Scopus database, you need to go to the link: and register on the platform from the computers of the university.
To register in the database, you must select "Sign up" and then, after submitting your E-mail to follow the instructions.
After successfully registering, you will receive a remote access permission. It will be extended automatically after each entry into the platform within the IP address of the university.
Scopus is one of the largest unified bibliographic and abstract databases and a tool for tracking the citation of articles published in scientific journals. Indexes more than 39 thousand titles of scientific publications of various branches. Scopus has a basic thematic sections subdivided into sections. The database indexes scientific journals, conference materials and serial books. The developer and owner of Scopus is the publishing corporation Elsevier, a leading publishing company, which annually produces about a quarter of all articles of world scientific journals. The computer science databases provide a record of the publications of scientists and institutions in which they work and the statistics of their citation.

In order to start using the Web of Science database, you must go to the following link: Web of Science or at:
To register on the Web of Science, you need to select the "Login" button in the upper right corner, then "Registration" and then, by submitting your E-mail, which will receive an instant protective code, follow the instructions.
Please note that login and password are unique to all Web of Science products, including EndNote Online, ResearcherID.
Web of Science is a abstract database of scientific quotes that is hosted on the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science platform. Provides the ability to search among more than 12 thousand journals and 160 thousand materials conferences in the field of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities.
In addition to the search, Scopus and Web of Science's research-based science databases are an opportunity to always identify international prospective research areas, receive relevant and high-quality information from their subjects, have the opportunity to collaborate with partners in the field of university research, analyze citation data.
You can get advice on using Scopus and Web of Science science-based databases at the University Library's Scientific Library (Electronic Reading, Auditorium 512).