From March 13 to March 15, representatives of the University met with the business sector of farm aquaculture and an enterprise producing extruded feed from the raw material of the Ukrainian produced in Odessa. The visit, in the framework of the agreement, was attended by the head of the Scientific and Experimental Student Center "Water Bioresources and Aquaculture of Prydniprovia" of the Biotechnology Faculty, Associate Professor Goncharova Olena and Center Coordinator, Stas Maria Assistant, with the involvement of gifted and motivated students of the 3rd year students of the VBA Group -16 Peculiar Karina and Berezovka Karina.

The students involved in the specialty 207 "Aquatic bioresources and aquaculture" have been practicing the theoretical knowledge and practical skills on the technology of cultivation and reproduction of clarion som, thylyapia, crustaceans, and the influence of the fodder factor on hydrobionts in the laboratory of 206 aquatic biodiversity and aquaculture for the first time. Consequently, in the production of communication with specialists in their own business, they have felt many interesting aspects of the chosen profession for students.

Study of technological aspects of production, determination of quality of extruded feeds, sampling of feed TM "Roicher AKVA" according to modern requirements of feed production

Interesting for students, after demonstrating materials in textbooks during university studies, was to see and sometimes take part in each of the processes of selection of raw materials, to determine in the laboratory the basic qualitative characteristics, the sequence of technological processes and technological map of the operation of modern equipment, processing, marking, homogenization, logistics, etc. The enterprise has a European course and develops according to the requirements for the quality of products, using raw materials of the Ukrainian manufacturer.

Acquaintance with the types of forage produced, the technical basis at the enterprise, discussion with the head, specialist in the field of fodder production, candidate of veterinary sciences, associate professor, veterinary consultant, Malik Islamov

Students also had the opportunity to learn about the secrets of the production of vitamin and mineral premixes during a visit to the Ukrainian-French plant.

Obtaining knowledge during lectures and laboratory classes in the disciplines "Aquaculture of artificial reservoirs", "Hydrochemistry", "Fisheries", etc., provided an opportunity for students to get acquainted with practical aspects during the visit to the CatfishfromPavlysh farm. A fan and true personal specialist Oleksandr Novohatko shared practical experience, an interesting discussion with students about the impact of biological filtration on the quality of water while growing hydrobionts in PAC. A pleasant impression was that the company is exemplary in our country and is constantly searching for innovative self-improvement technologies.
During the visit with the management of the enterprises, directions for scientific and practical cooperation, joint interesting researches involving students and European colleagues were agreed upon and discussed.

The practical part of the visit regarding fish feeding, the definition of the article hydrobionts, control of the hydrochemical regime in the PAC

Study of growing objects in PAC (clarion som, thylyapia, crustaceans)

Taking into account the agrarian profile of our educational institution, where the emphasis is placed on technological aspects in the training of specialists, innovative technologies in agriculture, including aquaculture, the possibility of combining the educational process and the industrial sector is a great opportunity to experience all the benefits of the profession of specialty "Aquatic biodiversity and aquaculture » Aquaculture be in our country with such professionals and affairs as well as motivated student youth!