March 14, 2019, a bright youth show "Miss and Mr. DDAEU 2019" took place in the student club.

The initiator and organizer of the event was the Committee on Family and Youth Affairs of the University. The contestants were evaluated by members of a picky jury consisting of:
- Olga Karacheva - participant of the show "League of laughter" and TV channel "1 + 1", teams "180 and above";
- Ksenia Bridzh - participant of the show "Voice of the country - 8" from the team of Jamali, a teacher of vocal and acting skills;
- Anastasia Durkot - actress serialit "Kyiv day and night" (season 5);
- Yaroslava Gopaniuk - choreographer of variety sports dances;
- Anna Starushchenko - chairman of the Committee on Family and Youth Affairs DDAEU.
Students who participated in the competition were divided into pairs that showed their best qualities and abilities. Such pairs were 8:
1. Ivan Bezugly (Faculty of Biotechnology) and Anastasia Dyugaeva (agr.

Onomy Faculty);
2. Anton Tertyshny (Faculty of Accounting and Finance) and Natalia Chuprina (Faculty of Agronomy);

3. Volodymyr Kiselyov (Faculty of Agronomy) and Anna Kryukova (Faculty of Accounting and Finance);

4. Roman Panovin (Faculty of Agronomy) and Olga Portetna (Faculty of Management and Marketing);

5. Oleksiy Skryaga (Faculty of Engineering and Technology) and Sofia Lyapchenko (Faculty of Agronomy);

6. Igor Tarasenko (Faculty of Water Engineering and Ecology) and Ekaterina Kalugina (Faculty of Management and Marketing);

7. Vyacheslav Somov (Faculty of Agronomy) and Myroslav Sklyarov (Faculty of Agronomy)

8. Maxim Shaposhnikov (Faculty of Engineering and Technology) and Sandra Ilchenko (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine).

Following the results of intense struggle the high rank:

"MISS DDAEU 2019" became Sofia Lyapchenko,

"Mr. DDAYEU 2019" became Ivan Bezugly,

"Vice Miss DDAEU 2019" - Sandra Ilchenko

"Vice-President DDAEU 2019" - Vyacheslav Somov.

Congratulations to the winners!