On February 21, 2019, the regular meeting of the Academic Council of the DSAEU was held, at which the results of the university’s research work for 2018 and the main tasks for 2019 were summed up.

Having heard and discussed the report of the Vice-Rector for Research, Professor Yu.I. GRITSAN. on the scientific activities of the team of the Dnipro State Agrarian-Economic University in 2018, the Scientific Council notes that in 2018:

- The total number of scientific and pedagogical workers of the DDAUU was 379 people, of which there were 345 full-time employees. The university employed 40 doctors of science (10.6%) and 216 candidates of science (57% of the entire NPP of universities). In the reporting year, the total number of research and teaching staff at the University decreased by 2.3%. Similarly, compared with last year, the share of GMP with a scientific degree decreased by 2.3 percentage points and reached 67.5%;

- DSAEU has licenses for the preparation of candidates for higher education degrees of Ph.D. and PhD in 9 specialties;


- in DSAEU in 2018 4 specialized scientific councils functioned. The councils of the University defended 8 candidate and 5 doctoral dissertations.

-in 2018, 19 people were enrolled in graduate school, incl. 5 on a contract basis. From outside higher educational institutions, 2 people were enrolled in the postgraduate course of the DDAEU. The plan for admission to graduate school for 2018 has been fully implemented;

- 3 doctoral dissertations were defended by the University staff, among them at the Faculty of Accounting and Finance - SM Khalatur, Management and Marketing - N. Bagorka, Veterinary Medicine - N. Zazharsky. In addition, the University SPE defended 11 Ph.D. theses, including at the Faculty of Accounting and Finance 3 theses were defended (A. Kirichenko, T. M. Savanchuk, T. Shutko), management and marketing - 2 (Zakharchenko Yu .V., Yurchenko N.I.), veterinary medicine - 2 (Kokarev Yu.V., Gugossyan Yu.A.), biotechnological - 2 (Perekrestova V., Onishchenko A.N.), 1 dissertation on the faculties of water management Engineering and Ecology (Zaporozhchenko V.Yu.) and the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (Makarenko DA)

- in 2018, the GDRs were held at the expense of the state budget in the total amount of UAH 3.391.650; at the expense of customers in 2018, research was carried out in the total amount of UAH 3056.5 thousand. (2017 - 2182 thousand UAH); for economic contracts NPP faculties received 650.2 thousand UAH. (2017 - 375.9 thousand UAH).

- The University employs 94 young scientists, this is 24.8% of the total number of SPE. The winners of the second stage of the contest "The Best Young Scientist" are: Assoc. Mikolenko S.Yu. (1st place, technical direction), Assoc. Khalatur S.M. (1st place, economic direction), Assoc. Kravchenko M.V. (2nd place, economic direction), Assoc. Izhboldin A.A. (3rd place, medical direction)

- 74 articles were printed in publications of the Web of Science and Scopus scientometric databases, respectively, 42 and 32 publications;

- University employees took part in writing 16 monographs and 7 foreign collective monographs;

- on the basis of DSAEU, departments and faculties held 40 scientific conferences, including 11 International and 8 All-Ukrainian level;

- 11 applications for utility models were filed with subsequent transfer to the DDAUU balance;

- The results of research scientists DSAEU were presented at 10 international and 4 national exhibitions. At the XXX International agro-industrial exhibition "Agro-2018" (Kiev) work "Pridneprovskaya breed of sheep" team of authors under the guidance of V.I. awarded the Gold Medal;

- expanded scientific and academic relations by signing 6 new agreements on international cooperation. As part of their implementation, in 2018, the faculty members of the DSAEU carried out 42 foreign missions, which were related to participation in conferences, professional development, training, and implementation of research grants. Delegations from Spain, USA, Taiwan and France visited DDAU. An important achievement of the University in 2018 was the effective participation in the Erasmus + KA1 program.

A report was also heard from the nominal scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, associate professor Mikolenko S.Yu., the work plan of the academic council for the 2nd semester of the 2018-2019 academic year was approved, the creation of a branch of the EGMS and TV department was discussed, the curriculum 2018 was amended, the dissertation topics were approved and approved the provision of the periodic scientific journal "Agrology" and the journal "Theoretical and practical veterinary medicine"