SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL SEMINAR \"Apitherapy as Way of Healthy Life\"

SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL SEMINAR "Apitherapy as Way of Healthy Life"

On February 8, 2019, the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Seminar "Apitherapy as a Way of Healthy Life" was held on the basis of the Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University. The practice of using beekeeping products ". This event was organized jointly with the NGO "Oblast association" Dniprovsky Bear ".

The informative part of the workshop was filled with reports of leading practitioners and leading international specialists in the field of technology for the manufacture and use of honey, propolis, perg, royal jelly, wax moths and other bee products for health, treatment and cosmetology. The issues of internal and external marketing of goods, processing of beekeeping products and improvement of cooking technologies were discussed; the first medical aid at the sting, the interaction of beekeepers with representatives of medical institutions.

Key speakers:

- Zaykin Maksim Viktorovich - a physician vertebronneurologist, reflexotherapist and apiterapter of Kremenchuk. "Treatment of human musculoskeletal system by bee-keeping and bee products"

- Chukhrai Tetyana Mikhailovna - apitherapist, shepherd with 30 years of experience, author of a series of books and numerous publications on apitherapy. "Practical apitherapy", Kharkiv

- Yevtushenko Tamara Vladislavivna - the doctor of the highest category, the head of the Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute of Traditional and Alternative Medicine "Mechanisms of the influence of honey and bee products on the human body"

- Kryzhko Tetiana Aleksandrovna - genichesk district, Arabatskaya Strilka, p. Shchedlivtsevo, Kherson region. Salt Lake - Bee Sanatorium "Bee Son"

- Psyuk Tatiana Ivanivna rehab, cosmetologist, apytherapist. "Allergic reactions. First aid for stinging bees. First aid kit. »

The workshop was attended by scientists from DDAEU and more than 110 people from different regions of Ukraine and Dnipropetrovsk region.