2018 year is coming to an end and as a result of its successful completion - positive conclusions of the commissions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the accreditation of all our master's programs that were tested on these December days! In the summer, 954 bachelors successfully completed exams, and the admissions committee, considering more than 9000 applications of entrants, enrolled 2300 people for different programs and specialties at our university. These days the defense of diploma papers is over and 1186 graduates will receive the diplomas of masters. This is a worthy contribution of DSAEU in providing human resources to the agrarian sector of Ukraine's economy. 

There were also victories of our students and scientific and pedagogical workers at various competitions of scientific works and tests, international projects, grants and internships, defense of dissertations and studies at the universities of Europe and the USA, the opening of master's programs for foreign students in English, the joy of sports victories and creative achievements in amateur performances, meetings and communication with prominent people and much more good and useful. Thank you all for all the staff of the university, for all dynamic, creative and indifferent!

There were disappointments, losses and disappointments, but let them remain in the past. And we - hardened and confident in victories with optimism enter the New Year! I wish you all good health, success, creative inspiration, peace in the country! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

With respect and wishes of joyful holidays,

Rector of DSAEU

Professor Kobets A.S.