The XXVI World Championship in weight-lifting sport in 2018 was held in Bukhara (Republic of Uzbekistan). The beautiful old city met the team of Ukraine with sunny weather, kind, sympathetic people and clean streets.

Bright, wide modern avenues, squares and streets, modern houses with elements of antiquity, water flowing through all the streets in small arches - are amazing and charming.

And there were people who used to say that without visiting the old city, we will not see the true Bukhara.

You can talk about Bukhara for many years and about the legends and stories of this city. And about the wonderful bazaar in the Old Town, and about the workshops of gunsmiths and chefs, and about the beautiful rugs and fabrics ...

Many thanks to the whole team of Kasim Bagirov, a regional specialist, a professional guide, a poet who combines all this with great love to his hometown.

The entire Asian region of the former USSR came to the world championship. Uzbekistan hosted teams from Ukraine, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Russia, China, and Japan.

The eastern pompous opening was surprised everyone. Thank you for this organizing committee and the chief judge of the competition Vahitina Yergashevich Najimidinov.

The men's team of Ukraine who played in a weakened squad took first place.

The women's team left no chance for rivals. After all, in its composition Anna Perepelkina, Olena Kozhushko and the famous Love Turtle-Volkova. There are no chances to win rivals - all with medals, and Ukraine is the first!

Surprised and pleased with all the performance of Kateryna Starikova (team of Kyrgyzstan). The combination, mood, clearness of movements and high tempo helped her to beat the Record of Love Turtles-Volkova in a jerk of weight 16 kg (260 climb), which was installed in 2006. Now it is 266 climbs.

The famous Zawierzhanka was the first to congratulate the new record holder of the world.

As usual, all competitions in weight sports end with relay.

The first relayers came to the platform among adults and juniors, as they competed in a comprehensive relay race.

Ukraine - 159 - 1st place

Kazakhstan - 155th - 2nd place

Uzbekistan - 149 - 3rd place

 The second competition was women's teams

Ukraine - 163 - 1st place

Uzbekistan - 162 - 2nd place

Asian team - 154 - 1st place

 But the hosts did not accept the defeat and offered a "veteran baton". Still not cool veterans rushed into the attack and ...

Ukraine - 149 - 1st place

Uzbekistan - 142 - 2nd place

Uzbekistan-2 -98 - 3rd place

As a result, Ukraine is in first place, on the second - in Uzbekistan, on the third - in Kazakhstan.

With great spiritual warmth, I want to mention our veteran team: Viktor Lyshyshyn, Vasyl Semenets, Valery Cherepanov, Ivan Butriy, Nicholas Marfulu, Timothy Kosenko, Sergey Pirkivsky and Mykola Brikin.

Alexander Nikolayevich Sudaryk (Cherkasy oblast) deserves special attention - he established a new world record for veterans (age group 55-59 years, weight category +90 kg). Exercise - a push in a long cycle. Now the world's highest achievement is equal to 120 ascents.

I cannot but say a few warm words about the countrymen Yuri Denichenko and Sergei Danilov, who shared all the burdens of the road. High results and well-deserved first places became a worthy reward for veterans from Dnipropetrovsk region.