On November 27, a delegation of students and professors from the engineering and technological faculty held another vocational guidance event in the assigned Petropavlovsk region. Schools of the district were visited by: associate professor of the Department of the MVPT Gavrilchenko O., Head of the Department of Higher Mathematics and Physics Professor Govoruki V., Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee Koshulko V. and the chairman of the Committee on Family and Youth Affairs at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Malegin Roman.

The communication began with the directors of the district schools, which at that time held a meeting of the head of the Department of Education of the RSA. All directors were distributed information and campaign materials to the admissions committee DSAEU and an invitation to open day at the DSAEU, which will be held December 08 this year. The university staff asked to help bring the information given to them to the attention of graduate students.

       Later we were given the opportunity to communicate with the students of schools number 1 and number 2 Petropavlivka and Nikolaev school. Meetings were held with students of 9th, 10th and 11th grades. The most important thing in communicating was the appeal to students to find oneself in life. Unfortunately, even the 11th grade students have not yet decided their desires, let alone junior students. And in this there is a basic question of vocational guidance - to help them determine what they would like to do all their life. And not just doing it, but with pleasure and maximum return. In this context, communication with children was built. It was nice to hear that already there are students who are purposefully going to the engineering-technological faculty, to the veterinary, to the faculty of accounting and finance.

         I would also like to note that in communication, there is a persistence of contacts. Representatives of the university already know both teachers and students. And this is an important factor in conducting such events, as communication goes with long-standing acquaintances. There were a lot of questions both from the students and from the teachers, on which they received exhaustive answers.

        With great pleasure I would like to note the fact of equipping specific classes (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) with modern multimedia equipment. That is, today even rural village students have all the conditions for obtaining deep knowledge.

We hope and look forward to the new replenishment in the walls of our Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University!


Chairman of the Committee on Family and Youth Affairs


Faculty of Engineering and Technology


Malegin Roman