On November 22, 2018, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of DSAEU was held at which the final and interim reports on the results of implementation of the state budget themes of fundamental and applied scientific research were heard.


1. Reporting scientific directors and responsible executives: Velychko O. on the subject of BF-7-17 "Management of agricultural markets development, agrarian and environmental logistics in the system of food security" (leader of the Research Laboratory, Kobets A.); Sytnyk S. on the theme of BF-3-16 "Integrated environmental assessment of the formation of forest-meadow plantings in conditions of technogenically loaded urban landscapes" (head of the Scientific Research Institute Kharitonov M.); Gavrilin P. on the subject of BF-2-16 "Development of the modern concept of structural and functional organization of immune defense systems using molecular methods of research"; Kokarev A. on the topic of BF-8-17 "Definition of theoretical aspects of the epizootic process, taking into account the genetic variants of the strains of the epidemic diarrhea of ​​swine" (leader of the GDR Masyuk D.); Voroshilova N. on the theme "Development of the modern concept of restoring biotic potential of re-cultivated land for rational use" (leader of the Research Laboratory, Chornaya V.); Lovins'ka V. on the theme of the BF-10-18 "Concept of sustainable functioning of forests of the Northern Step Ukraine in conditions of abiotic transformation of the environment" (leader of the research work, Grytsan Y.); Katan L. on the theme "Ecological and economic provision of sustainable use of water bioresources in the Dniper region" (leader of the Research Laboratory Dvoretsky A.)

It was decided: to approve the reports taking into account the recommendations made.

2. The doctoral student of the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance Melnyk Lesia Leonidovna has been listened to for three years of studying. Topic: "Organizational and economic provision of profitability of agricultural enterprises"

It was decided: to approve the report taking into account the wishes expressed.