On November 7-9, 2018, the delegation of the Federation of Exchanges France-Ukraine (FEFU) visited our university with a regular visit. The purpose of the visit is to hold a qualifying competition for agricultural and vocational training in France. Such internships traditionally conducted since 2002 within the framework of cooperation between DSAEU and the Federation "France-Ukraine Exchange" provide students and teachers with the opportunity to not only learn the French language, open the culture and legacy of such a de
veloped European state as France, but also to integrate professional knowledge and gain professional experience. Thanks to this internship, graduates of the university can work in compatible French-Ukrainian agricultural and food businesses or to study in higher schools in France and Europe. There are already lots of  such graduates.

FEFU also organizes linguistic, pedagogical and research internships for university lecturers. The internship lasts from two to ten months, in terms of the desire and need of the candidates. In France, students discover livestock and plant farms, vineyards and wineries, restaurant and hotel business and green tourism. Some of them will try a completely new business, for example,  Ilona Lutsenko has opened for itself the enterprise that cultivates and sells spirulina. There are currently three interns in France (including one instructor), others have already returned and tried themselves on the qualifying competition for the new calendar year. 10 candidates for probation in 2019 were selected.

It is very pleasant that the delegation noted the high level of training of our students, a clear organization of the meeting and a sincere reception of guests from France by the Univeristes administration. FEFU representatives Jean-Marie Dion and Tieri Abono said they were really waiting for a meeting with our students and that their expectations were met. Therefore, we wish our students and professors to succeed in mastering French in language proficiency courses organized in DSAEU for study in France and in French-speaking countries.

Chichkan G.V.,

representative of FEFU in Ukraine

teacher of French language courses