\"STARS ALLEY\" continues

"STARS ALLEY" continues

During October the inter-faculty competition of amateur performances - "The Stars Alley of the Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University" continues.

Viewers were able to evaluate the program of two faculties: Engineering and Technology and Faculty of Water Engineering and Ecology. The performance took place on the wave - "FN back in the 90's". The scene was decorated with disks and techniques of that time. The audience listened and remembered the songs that were played on the dance floors, which parents fell in love with and danced.

The rooms, which consisted of a concert program, fully corresponded to the theme of the concert. Various genres were presented: artistic reading, playing musical instruments, ballroom dances and modern dances. The capture caused a video prepared by Angelina Alexandrovna.

The concert was successful due to the diligence and perseverance of the following students - Chorna Krystyna, Daria Voitanishek, Malyhina Romana.

Therefore, the tandem of two faculties: Engineering and Technology, and the Faculty of Water Engineering and Ecology, pleasantly impressed the spectators and jury members in the composition:

- Deputy vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work - Poplavsky O.;

- Director of the student club - Gula L.;

- The Head of the vocal ensemble "Zhiwir" - Linnik G.;

- The Artistic director of the student club Belyaeva O.;

- The Yead of the theater collective - Kostenko Ya.