In 2018, the first issue of masters - fish breeders (in the direction of "Water Bioresources and Aquaculture") will be held at the Department of Biotechnology at DSAEU. The specialty is interesting, perspective, relevant in terms of demand and development of this particular direction. Taking into account the agrarian profile of our educational institution, which focuses on technological aspects, innovative technologies in agriculture, including aquaculture, in the training of specialists. Upon replenishment at the Preserve of the exposition "Fishing and objects of the Zaporizzia Cossack industry", a proposal was received from representatives of the National Reserve "Khortytsya" to provide advice on the specialty (Water Bioresources and Aquaculture, Ichthyology, Fisheries). During the campaign work, conversations with the assistant professor of the VBA department Goncharova Olena among the students who visited Khortytsia, a lot of questions arose about the introduction and prospects of work in the future after obtaining a specialist diploma. As a result, the idea of ​​cooperation with the Khortitsa National Reserve was created with the purpose of developing the national decorative and applied art to familiarize the interested audience with the appearance of the main industrial fishes of the Dnipro River under the Cossacks' time (which students study at the Department of Aquatic Bioresources and Aquaculture).

To this work a team of experts has been involved in their work: Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor, the Head of Department of Aqua Bioresources and Aquaculture Olga Goncharova, master-carver Victor Baidak and director of the Journalistic Fund Oleksandr Davydov. For almost a year there was trouble and creative work in which the students of the department were involved, while they were able to realize the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice during the production of exhibits.


Today, a pleasant event, as a result of fruitful work, was a grateful letter from the Khortitsa National Reserve to our university and all the participants of the cooperation. Consequently, every visitor to the National Reserve has an opportunity to get acquainted with the collection of fish of the Dnipro water areas, and to study these objects in more detail on the conditions of admission to the specialty "Water Bioresources and Aquaculture".