Our university presented its achievements at the international agro-industrial exhibition with a field demonstration of technology and technologies «Agroexpo». The exhibition was held from 26 to 29 of, September 2018 in the town of Kropyvnytsky. There were presented 1200 exhibits, which in the near future will be mastered by young specialists. Therefore, "to experience the atmosphere of modern production today, then be the first on the ground" – said Master of General Agriculture and Soil Edward Solomonov.

As usual, on such important events the friendly team represented Dnipro. The delegation of DSAEU  headed by Vice-Rector Prof. Y.I. Hrytsan, representing the exposition block formed of scientific research scientists of the University, recommendations production, teaching aids and so on. Experienced businessmen and farmers who visited the exhibition and young specialists with great interest met with an authoritative staff workshop for the village. As Yurii Ivanovych said: "We must regularly enter into the world of new agrotechnologies and  broad communication in order to reach for us youth. Auditorium is not only in the departments, the audience is also in the field. "

This time the assessment for models of unique machinery for tillage, sowing, harvesting, varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops, plant protection was given by scientists of DSAEU such as the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology S.P. Sokol, the head of general agriculture and soil science professor Yu. Tkalich , assistant professor Shevchenko S.M. and experienced practices Udovytskyi V.O. - the head of the regional management of agroindustrial complex and Lubovych O.A. - advisor to the head of the regional council.

"For the managed administration of such a large branch of the economy of the region, the qualified help of scientists of the agrarian university is relevant. Today, one cannot simply buy expensive means of production but they must be adapted to a particular economy. Here is a broad field for those who have knowledge, and for those who are filled with them "- summed up Udovytskyi V.O.

There were negotiations with the director of marketing of the company "Elvorti" Vlasenko Igor Petrovych on development work with the educational center DSAEU to ensure scientific experiments and agronomy faculties of Engineering and Technology of modern agricultural technology to the next field season.

Also, many students and teachers of different schools participated in the exhibition, where they can acquaint with the latest developments of technology as the domestic plants of agricultural engineering and foreign production. For the first time the university exhibited its scientific developments in technical developments that could be introduced in the production of agrarian machinery, and achievements in the field of livestock

Updating of the educational process is impossible without the wide involvement of innovative achievements in the field of breeding, chemistry and technology. Regular participation of teachers and students in prestigious international exhibitions is not just an entertaining event, but an integral part of the training of a new generation of personnel.

It was nice to meet yesterday's graduates Edward Fedorenko, representing hybrids of corn grain yield 120-150 kg.

Almost one excursion circle on the exposition blocks convinced everyone that without the mobilization of education and science in the science-intensive industry you will not succeed. The main thing is that they understood the new format, and the person who set and understood the target by 50% has already reached it.