International Partnership from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean

International  Partnership from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean

 At the end of May - in early June 2018, delegations from US partners visited the FEP / USDAA DEAU program.

It is pleasant to note that the club of the participants of the program include  7 lecturers: Roman Bezus, Olena Velichko, Natalia Vasilieva, Iryna Volovyk are currently working at the University. Two more lecturers are going to the USA this summer.

During the visit, Professor William H. Meyers, Professor KennethC. Schneeberger (University of Missouri), Professor Stan Thompson (The Ohio State University) got acquainted with the research areas of the NIIE DSAEU departments and visited the "MVK Yekaterinoslavsky" LLC, the Stepova agro corporation, and the Agricultural Consultation Service.

An important step is the signing of memorandums of cooperation with American universities, which allows expanding the forms of cooperation in the future.

 Invited professors have read open lectures on topics:

Extension as a Part of the US University System;

Commodity Markets and Trade to 2027: Major Drivers and Challenges;

Studying in an American University: Information and Perspectives.

Partnership with American universities is a recognition of the professional level of lecturers and the quality of training in economic programs.