In March, there was a visit of the delegation of students and professors of the engineering-technological faculty of the University to the company "Agro KMR" Ltd., with which our university maintains close ties with 2010.

The ClémentCoussens CEO, together with the staff, warmly welcomed the guests and talked about the effectiveness and peculiarities of the use of No-TillStrip-Till technologies in Pridneprovsky region. The enterprise implements precision agriculture, uses the technique exclusively on a crawler ride, has 7 meteorological stations and powerful information support and on-line support of technological processes., It was interesting for students to know that on the area of ​​about 10.5 thousand hectares, only three Case 9240 combine harvesters, equipped with wide-reaching harvester MacDonFD 75, work; One Kinze-1500 bunker and many other interesting things are used.

 The result of the visit was an agreement on the further practice of our students at this enterprise, the improvement of the qualifications of teachers, the expansion of cooperation in the educational and scientific-practical plane. We are grateful to the Directorate, our graduates working here, for a warm meeting and participation in the qualitative training of future specialists in the agrarian sector of Ukraine.