Advanced training courses at DSAEU are an opportunity to gain new knowledge and practical skills to improve your professional level.


          From March 12 –to March 16, 2018, on the basis of "Institute of Postgraduate Education and Advice" of Dnipro State University of Agriculture and Economics, the Department of Technology for Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products held training courses for the leading engineers of LLC "O".

          As the development of the personnel is an important condition for the successful operation of any organization, the management company OPTIMUSA AGROTREYD pays considerable attention to the professionalism of the personnel and its employees are once again attending advanced training courses.

 The students of the courses were employees of the production and structural divisions of OPTIMUSA AGROTREYD Ltd.

          The program of courses envisaged acquisition of both theoretical knowledge of both scientific theoretical and practical skills.

          The curator of the courses was the head of the department of technology of storage and processing of agricultural products professor Chursinov Yu.O.

          The purpose of training under the program of advanced training is to provide the necessary knowledge about the activities and performance of their management functions, as well as the formation of skills and abilities in applying the knowledge acquired in the organization of direct activities, as well as the formation of skills and abilities to apply the provisions of regulatory acts to ensure effective activities association.

          In the process of training, they had an opportunity to get acquainted with the characteristics of the elevator, as engineering and technical facilities and its engineering infrastructure, the organization of labor protection at elevators, the requirements of labor protection and fire safety, methods of quality assessment, determination of physical and chemical parameters, physical and thermophysical properties of grain mass, rules and organization and implementation of the technological process on elevators and runway, prospects for modernization and improvement of technological lines, equipment and engineering infrastructures and elevator, technological equipment, peculiarities of transport systems operation, loading and unloading of metal containers of grain of silage type, drying of grain, etc.



          In order to increase the efficiency of the educational process, our specialists have developed multimedia presentations, which provide basic information on the course in the form of diagrams, comparative tables, classifications, characteristics, definitions, drawings, lists, and also provides an opportunity to summarize additional information.

          We were convinced that this event had a positive impact on the results of the work of this category of employees, which led to an improvement in the quality of the technological operations implementation, the improvement of the level of operation and maintenance of equipment.

        The program of advanced training courses involves conducting scientific and practical classes and training sessions on blocks and modules and providing a full preparation for the qualification exam.

          Based on the results of the knowledge gained and their final examination (examination) and upon completion of the training, the participants of the courses received the Certificate of advanced training of the state-approved standard.


The course participants had the opportunity to receive individual consultations on the issues that were considered.

We wish the engineers inspiration, success and always glad to see you at our university.