On December 21, 2017, the closure of  All-Ukrainian project "Food Technologies 2018" was initiated by Borys Kolesnikov Charitable Foundation for students of food specialties. His goal is to provide support to creative and purposeful students of profile universities, to give an expert assessment of their startups and developments, and to stimulate them to develop domestic food industry.

Our student of the engineering and technological faculty Makievska Elizaveta received a diploma and the right to visit the confectionery exhibition ISM 2018 in Cologne.

The "Food Technologies 2018" project lasted  amonth and a half. It registered 800 participants from all over Ukraine. The contestants passed two stages of selection: in November, they wrote motivational essays, and in December 73 finalists defended their own projects before the members of the jury - the director of the meat processing plant of the company "APK Invest" Ivan Bashkir, the head of the production department of the company "Konti" Tetiana Kurcheva, the general director of the company Artwine "Igor Tolkalov and director of production" Artwine "Ludmila Povalyayeva.

 The finalists covered all areas of the food industry - from the manufacture of bakery products to brewing. Their designs, projects, startups were based on the production ofgoods of high quality and environmentally friendly raw materials. Students presented new ways and recipes for making healthy desserts, gluten-free bread, baby food, milk cocktails, and products for diabetics.


 The contestants offered their ideas about reducing the caloric content of confectionery products, as well as providing a manual for parents and children about healthy eating and recipes for cooking, giving out a line of edible utensils and much more.