In September, the first internship was started on the exchange of students between DSAEU and Lycée Agricole Privé Saint Christophe (France). This became possible thanks to the signed memorandum on cooperation and development of the aquaculture sector.

During the official visit to the lyceum of the delegation from the university (head of the research department Andriy Pugach and deputy dean of the biotechnical faculty Olena Goncharova), the implementation of the planned internship program for the 3rd year students (Golovko A., Malina K.) and the 4th year student (Dukach O.) water bioresources and aquaculture of biotechnology faculty.

Today, students, in accordance with the training curriculum for specialists in the field of aquatic biological resources, fish farming and aquaculture, take courses along with French groups, take part and implement the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice during field training at the fish farms and farms, even make credits on the studied topics, studying new French terms, specific to aquaculture.