In August 2017, a workshop was held with the General manager of CHENGDUWELL-TECHNOLOGYCO., LTD - HuangChuan and the technical director of SHANGHAIHILEBIO-TECHNOLOGYCO., LTD - OuWeiye on the basis of the BiosafetyCenter (DSAEU). Within the framework of the seminar the possibilities of our center and common issues concerning the diagnosis of diseases of the digestive tract of pigs, including EDS were considered. The colleagues from the east presented the opportunities of their companies, the latest developments and enthusiastically expressed their willingness to cooperate in the development of a vaccine for the prevention of epidemic diarrhea in pigs.

The meeting facilitated contacts with scholars from the east: Professor YingzuoBi (Livestock College, South China Agricultural University, Guangdong Provincial Laboratory for Genomics and Molecular Biology, Key Animal Health Laboratory, Aquaculture and Environmental Control, South China Center for Disease Control Innovation Birds and Guanzhou, China) and Professor TangY (Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Jiangxi Agrarian University, China).

 Such cooperation provides the opportunity for the center's specialists based on the experience of colleagues, at the current level to implement the budget theme "Definition of theoretical aspects of the epizootic process taking into account the genetic variants of the strains of the virus of epidemic diarrhea of ​​pigs".


In the near future we expect the results of cooperation in the form of joint scientific projects.