FAMILY HOLIDAY - Dedication into students!

 Every year DSAEU congratulates freshmen students on the start of the Academic Year! And this time around 700 freshmen have become members of the thousands of student families. As always, the ceremony of consecration was lively, the best wishes were expressed in the walls of the summer theater of the park named after T. Shevchenko.

         Among the guests who attended the ceremony there were the representatives of the Regional Council, the Department of Education, the regional trade union of agrarians, heads and owners of agricultural enterprises.

The guests were the Rector of DSAEU, Professor Anatoliy Kobets, who handed the "first-year students" a "symbolic" key to knowledge and wished good health, confidence in their own strength and the desire for acquiring new knowledge.

Also, the first-year students received a torch of knowledge and training. After the solemn oath and blessing of the head of the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral Yaroslav Deineka, the audience saw a wonderful concert.

The winner of the third prize "Musical Constellation of Ukraine" Katerina Popova presented her wonderful song "Smile to me". Ensemble "Zhaivir", Dnipro waves and "Chardash" performed by O. Berezhny - gave a good mood.

We also paid tribute to those who, unfortunately, are not with us, the participants of the Second World War and our university graduates, who perished in the ATO zone.


 New life, full of events, friendship, love and achievements awaits our freshmen. We wish them success!