The results of the conference



The results of the conference

On October, 21, 2016 on the base of Dnipropetrovsk state university of agriculture and economics the regional scientific and practical conference «Ecological and-noosphere  by academician Mykola Masyuk and his reflection in studies, science and agrosphere of Ukraine» took place at the university. It was devoted to 80th anniversary from the day of birth of  the academician. Prominent research workers of the country took part in it. The representatives of senior generation, young research workers, students and graduate students made their reports.  Works by  M.T. Masyuk, who devoted his life to science and developed the ideas of the balanced development of agricultural industry, complex use, guard and recreation of natural resources, systems approach to forming of functioning strategy of agrotechnoekosystems, development of Ukrainian agricultural science were examined in the reports. Continuing and developing the scientific ideas of the academician M.T. Masyuk scientific school which he organized, students, followers, scientists of Ukraine and the public, in the publications pay attention to the most topical and burning issues in agrarian sphere and science, both Ukraine and the world.

The picture of genesis of the wind-eroded soils is formed, tendencies in the changes of types of the water modes and ecological resources; districting of Dnipropetrovsk area is conducted with the selection of wheat, corn and wheat-corn areas, on the basis of which differentiated approaches to the determination of strategy and tactic of the adapted systems of agriculture are defined; the humus state of black soils and ways of its optimization has been analyzed, the special role of fresh organic matter has been underlined; studies about biological capillaries for the estimation of soil genesis in agroekosystems have been offered.

 It is pleasant to mention that, work of natural agroproduction safety of products of APK, agrarian innovations has been started at DSAEU.

Today our university began creation of Regional computer-integrated educational-scientific and socio production complex, that will provide possibilities to increase quality of people’s life, at first from a regional level and in the future Ukraine on the whole, through the collaboration of power, state establishments, scientists, educational and scientific establishments, keeping and reproducing a natural environment, as terms of subsequent existence of humanity.

Taking into account that agrosphera of Ukraine is an important socioeconomic factor, there was a necessity for forming of new paradigm, in relation to guided agrospheri as determining link of practical problem solving of providing with agricultural production, which will stipulate high quality of living standards and welfare of population, prosperity of future generations.