Program Erasmus+ at our university


The beginning of educational year started with a pleasant event: within the framework of international mobility on the program Erasmus+ professors Jovanni Pardini and Maria Gispert from the University of Girona (Spain) visited DSAEU.

Collaboration between our educational establishments began in 2008 due to a four-year grant from the program «NATO for science» and was related to the estimation of prospects of exhaust mining territories recovery.

In 2014 after a visit to the university in Girona prof. M.M. Kharitonov together with prof. Jovanni Pardini prepared a request for the program EU Erasmus+, which foresaw internship of young researchers in the direction of phytoremediacion of polluted territories with heavy metals during 2016-2017.

DSAEU got the grant on academic and scientific mobility during 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

The first meeting of professors with the young scientists of DSAEU was devoted to the prospects of collaboration with the University of Girona.

They discussed terms of studies in Spain for the masters of the second course with the chief of educational part of. K.P. Maslikova

Jovanni Pardini and Maria Gispert visited experimental permanent establishment from recultivation of the spoiled soils in Pokrov, Nikopol region and saw the results of the field experiments with perspective cultures.

As a result of the discussion with the chief of international department I.A. Volovyk they developed program of competitive selection among candidates for internship in the research groups of university of Girona on II semester 2016-2017  


 Professor of selection and seeding department M.M. Kharitonov