Participating in the XII International conference “Poultry Farming – 2016”



Participating in the XII International conference “Poultry Farming – 2016”




13-15, September 2016 the XII International conference and specialized exhibition of “Poultry Farming – 2016”, the main event conducted in Ukraine, took place in Truskavets.


At conference the burning issues of poultry farming development, quality and safety of products, modern methods of diagnostics, preventive methods and treatment of bird illnesses, topical questions of feeding of highly productive cross-country races, the newest technologies of growing and maintenance of bird were considered.        


The representatives of poultry farming enterprises of Ukraine and companies producing (supplying) veterinary medications forage and equipment attended the conference and the exhibition.


The representatives of Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine, State Foods and Consumer Service of Ukraine visited the conference and the exhibition and Association «Union of poultry farmers».


This year speakers were invited from different countries and even continents: The USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Israel, Belgium, Bulgaria, and England.        


 More than 600 leading poultry farming specialists took part in the conference.


The research center of bio-safety and ecological resources control of the Agricultural industrial complex at DSAEU («Biosafetycenter») was the participant of the previous conferences and exhibitions dedicated to the poultry farming, but the exhibition stand of the Center was presented for the first time this year.


 Supplementary materials concerning possibilities of the Center and laboratory diagnostics of bird illnesses and estimation of quality and forage safety, forage additions were developed and the seminar with the purpose of distribution of information about possibilities of scientific development of the Center for the industrial poultry farming was conducted


The speakers of the seminar were the director of the center Masyuk D.M. and the head of physiology, biochemistry and chemistry and toxicological analysis department Efimov V.H. Masyuk D.M. presented the lecture on the theme «Organization of laboratory diagnostics of bird illnesses in the conditions of the industrial poultry farming».


Efimov V.H. had the lecture «Modern ideas about diagnostics and preventive measures of mycotoxicosis. Estimation of the sorbent efficiency» and talked about introduction of the efficiency determination methods of the sorbent use of mycotoxicosis in food and blood which was first applied in Ukraine.


The stand of «Biosafetycenter» caught attention not only of the producers of veterinary medication and forage for the poultry farming but also the representatives of poultry factories in Ukraine. There are certain agreements about collaboration with oversea companies,  Polish company «Proteonpharmaceuticals» is interested in monitoring research from the salmonellas of bird by the method of PLR-diagnostics, company «Idvet» (France).


Such collaboration will increase the rating of the Center among the specialists of veterinary medicine and technologists on food production in the poultry farming and companies from veterinary service.


It will give possibility for the specialists of our Center to understand more thoroughly the problems of modern world technologies of the poultry farming.