Dedication into students


Dedication into students


Educational year traditionally began with the solemn eventthe Day of knowledge! The event was held in the summer theater of the T.G. Shevchenko park. A lot of guests were present here: Smyrna G.M.  - the chairman of Dnipropetrovsk regional organization of trade union of workers of agroindustrial complex, graduating student of the economic faculty; Vuychitskiy A. S. – the Hero of Ukraine, the chairman of «Friendship»ltd of  Novomoskovsk district, deserved worker of agriculture, honoured professor of the university, graduating student of agronomy faculty; Pankovichenko M.A.theleader of FG «Kyiv» Pavlohrad district, deputy of Pavlohrad district soviet and Verbska village soviet of seven convocations, deserved worker of agriculture, graduating student of agronomy faculty; Tsikov I.S. – the academic of Ukrainian and Russian academies of agrarian sciences, deserved worker of agriculture, honoured professor of university, graduating student of agronomy faculty; Goryachev V.K. – the chief of department of higher and professional education of Dnipropetrovsk city supreme council; Puchka A.D. - the general director of.«Sunset» LTD, «Ukraine» LTD, «Dibrivske» LTD. Pokrovskii  district of  Dnipropetrovsk region, graduating student of agronomy faculty; archpriest of  Spaso-Preobrazhenskii cathedral  Yaroslav Deyneka.

The rector of the university, professor Kobets A.S., started the event and handed freshmen the key to knowledge. The dean of veterinary medicine faculty Biben I.A. congratulated freshmen on the beginning of studying year.  The first vice-rector, the professor Onoprienko D.M. handed freshmen a symbolic test book and student ticket with a wish to subjugate new tops of knowledge.

The torch of knowledges was handed by the vice-rector of scientific studies, professor Gritsan Yu.I. Students read the oath in the hall. All present honored memory of the lost during the Second World War and students-participants of ATA with the minute of silence.

The head of student committee Manafova  M. congratulated all freshmen.

The event was finished with the concert prepared by the artists of the university. 

Welcome all students, teachers and employees, with the beginning of studies!