School of scientific enterprise


 On May, 26, 2016 at Dnipropetrovsk university of agriculture and economics, the conclusions of the 2nd stage of the project «School of scientific enterprise» among higher educational establishments of our city took place. It was organized due to the initiatives of the student Business-incubator of the Innovative center of agrarian technologies of DSAEU.

On the final meeting vice-rector from scientific research of DSAEU prof. Grican Yu.I., director of the institute of economics of DSAEU  Pavlova G.E., prof. Katan L.I., the head of the student Business-incubator of ICAT DSAEU assoc. prof. Chernecka O.V. were present.


According to tasks of a project during the 2nd semester master degree students of the institute of economics attended lectures, devoted to the question of organization of agricultural business with introduction of innovative agrarian technologies, fulfilled practical tasks, developed own innovative projects. As a result students made their start-ups on various themes, namely: «Hydrologic agro-industrial complex in the system of providing of food safety of the country», «Trade and agricultural exchange» «Let’sreed», «Greenland», «Pion», «Development of a blog». Participants of he students’ Business-incubator presented the developed projects, answered the questions. Business-trainer of the project. Ivanova S.A., expressed some remarks and suggestions in relation to the improvement of investment attractiveness of the presented projects and offered some students help in realization of their ideas. The authors of projects got the certificates.  Invite all people who are interested in taking part in studies in student Business-incubator which  is planned to continue in the next year at DSAEU!