Congratulate the Champions of Europe!


 On 13-15 May the World Cup among students of weight sport and the Championship of Europe among adults and juniors took place in Port (Portugal).  Ukraine was presented by two sportsmen - Tetyana Pischana (biotechnological faculty) – sport master, champion of Ukraine, among students in 2016 and Andrii Antonov (engineer-technological faculty) is a silver prizewinner of the same championship. 

 In spite of the long distance (4 days and 4 nights in a bus) sportsmen due to their unbelievable efforts were able to resist the strong teams from Italy and Israel.  Tetyana Pischana won in the nomination of the World Cup among students and the Championship of Europe, and  Andrii Antonov – on the World Cup yielded to a sport master from Kyiv, but made up and won the gold medal of the Championship of Europe.  

Sincerely congratulate champions and express gratitude to their trainer, sport master, on heavy athletics of Tatarchevskii O.