Foreign guests

Foreign guests

From 16 to March, 25 the delegation from  University of Tiaret,  Algeria NDR visited Dnipropetrovsk State University of Agriculture and Economics. The delegation include the dean of Natural Sciences faculty  prof. A.Niar, the secretary general Kh.Chakhda, the director of the research laboratory of farm animals reproduction prof. Kh.Zidan, the assistant to the professor, a doctorate student - D.Zeruokkii, the assistant to the professor, a doctorate student -  A.Morsli. 

A cooperation between our educational establishments started in 2014. In 2015 the professor of the department of selection and seed science  Mykola Kharitonov and a  graduate student of the department of water resources and aquiculture Olena Onischenko were on the internship in Algeria, they took part in a scientific ecological symposium, presented our educational establishment among teachers and students in Tiaret. 

On March, 17, 2016 during the meeting with rector staff of DSAEU, the dean of Natural Sciences faculty prof. Abdelatif Niar said: «University of  Tiaret is a young educational establishment, it is almost 40 years old, it has eight faculties and two institutes-affiliates. Almost 30 thousand students study at the university. A faculty which I head is the biggest subsection of the university; seven thousand students can get education here. The faculty combines three directions of training – veterinary medicine, biology and agronomics. The educational establishment co-operates with institutes of such countries as Spain and France. We expect  an expansion of collaboration with Dnipropetrovsk State University of Agriculture and Economics as well".

Tiaret is located on the territory which resembles climatic conditions of Dnipropetrovsk area. A plant-grower and cattle breeding is developed in the region, especially sheep breeding. It is necessary to say that in Algeria 25 million of sheep is for 40 million of people. Therefore we are interested in collaboration both in development of the educational programs and in conducting collective scientific research.  Higher education in Algeria is free of charge for all, including foreign citizens. All students, regardless of the level of progress, get a grant from the state (except for foreign students). The starting salary of a teacher makes from 400 US dollars a month and during 10-15 years of work at universities can increase up to 2000 dollars a month. The university also provides a social benefits for teachers, for example, buys apartments for them. Well, for the last 4 months 140 apartments were purchased.» 

Rector of DSAEU prof. Anatoliy Kobets expressed the personal interest in a collaboration and wished colleagues fruitful work during a visit.  Our guests have already got acquainted with Agronomy Faculty, the center of natural agrocultural production, where Dakhbiya Zeruokki will take her internship.

4 hours, in stead of planned 2 hours, guests spent on the Veterinary Medicine Faculty , where they were pleasantly impressed by the fact that teachers and students (head of Parasitological and Veterinary  sanitary expertise department Nadiya Zazharska and a student of the fourth course Daryna Kurban) speak French fluently. The dean of the faculty Ivan Biben and his deputy Volodymyr Zazharskiy acquainted guests with departments, laboratories, anatomic museum and NDC biosafety and ecological control of resources of APK. Prof. Pavlo Gavrilin and associate prof. Dmytro Masyuk thoroughly showed the delegation subsections of work in the center and one of doctorate students determined on staying on internship in NDC for 1 month.

There were also conducted some meetings on a Biotechnological faculty, departures on agricultural enterprises for guests (Holding «Agrosoyuz», agricultural firm  «Katerinoslavska») equestrian-sporting school of Olympic reserve, veterinary clinics, cultural program. We hope our guests from a warm country were able to take impressions, in spite of snowy weather!