On January, 22, 2016 on a base of DSAEU an extended scientific and technical seminar was conducted.

Research workers and students of agricultural engineering and agronomy faculties of DSAEU, research workers of  Kirovohrad national technical university - professor V.V Aulin., associate professors  A.O., Pankov,  T.N. Zamota., and leading designers of Holding «Agro-Soyuz» - A. Sharobidze, D. Dvoretsky, the director of. «Soyuz Kompozit» LTD O.M. Shapoval,  specialists E.O. Shapoval, O.E. Romankova, K.O. Shapoval took part in the seminar.  

During the seminar the new constructions of sowing vehicles, and also systems and effective methods of wear-in details of various interfaces of agricultural machines, were discussed at their making and repair.