Welcome to the day of \"open doors\"

Dear university entrants and parents!

 On March, 12 at 9:00 we invite all on  the DAY of “OPEN DOORS”. 

 The program of holiday includes:

 the excursion program;

socializing with the heads of departments and  teachers;

 meeting with a rector and deans;

 discussion of the burning questions of entrance with the employees of admission committee;

acquaintance with the programs of international student exchange;

exciting master classes, competitions, quizzes with valuable gifts;

Olympiads on the following subjects: Ukrainian and Literature, Mathematics, Biology, History of Ukraine, Geography, on the base of tasks of EIE;

trial professional tests for the graduating students of colleges, technical schools;

a lot of interesting and useful information, creative and festive atmosphere of intercourse.  

Don’t forget to fill in the form!!!

Questionnaires of the university entrant 2016  - in a section of the university ENTRANT   Contact telephones:

056 713-51-65 Faculty of agricultural engineering

056 713-51-62Faculty of accounting and finance

 056 371-07-89Faculty of management and marketing                 

056 713-51-37Ecology and melioration faculty                         

056 713-51-61Agronomical faculty                                          

0562 33-32-25Biotechnology faculty                                    

0562 68-54-02Veterinary medicine faculty

If at any reasons this date does not suit you, we recommend to take advantage of the individual program  - the Day of “open doors” every day!