Why scholarships are different, even despite the fact that students learn in the same group?
 The scholarship is under indexation. It is very simple to describe this process: if in the country 
for a certain month there is inflation (the consumer price index on a monthly basis is officially
established by the State Committee of statistics of Ukraine), then the amount of the scholarship
is increased to the corresponding index .
Thus, the total amount of the scholarship is influenced by the following: the year of entry, the time
  a scholarship assigned and breaks between assignments. Those who first became a scholar
(e.g., first-year students) or reinstated their right to scholarships (for example, students who
lost the right to the appointment of academic scholarships, and then successfully passed
semester control), the scholarship is indexed on the base of growing total since the month
the scholarship assignment.
 Why has the scholarship decreased despite the increase since 1 September 2015?
 General scholarship is reduced by the amount of indexation.
In accordance with paragraph 9 of the Concluding provisions of the law of Ukraine of 
28.12.2014, № 80-VIII "About the State budget of Ukraine for 2015" is stipulated
 that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine should approve a special order of carrying
out indexation of cash incomes of the population (including scholarships) within the
 financial resources of budgets of all levels for 2015.
The government has developed a draft law on improvement of the regulatory 
framework of the current mechanism of indexation of the scholarship. The bill
will come into force after a certain procedure of preparation of documents of this
level, including the coordination of trade unions.