To the attention of entrants to part-time studying programme

To the attention of entrants to part-time studying programme
 To assist applicants in preparing for the State final certification at school and external evaluation in 2016, DSAEU, the Institute of pre-university training organizes the work of extrernal and distance courses. 
Participants are provided with assistance in the extended studying of Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics, biology, chemistry, history of Ukraine and geography. The curriculum is designed for 150 hours. 
To study every academic discipline curricula and class schedules were dveloped: 
- classroom training (lasting 10-12 hours) are held on Saturday from 10.00 a.m. till 16.10. 
- remote sessions (13-15 hours) at the place of residence of students on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 16.00 and 19.20. 
The trainers are the best research and teaching staff of the University. 
 Entering DSAEU students have the advantages as professionally focused applicants. Students who enroll in the natural-mathematical and engineering-technical professions, to the total rating assessment (certificate and EIE) is added up to 5% of the competitive score. 
 Enrollment of students is done on the condition of advance payment. Completing of groups is carried out from 01 December 2015, the course begins on 12 December 2015. 
 For further information please contact: 
Dnipropetrovsk State University of Agriculture and Economics, Voroshilova Str, 25, room 115 (new building), faculty of "Tractors and automobiles" Department tel. (056) 740-39-82; 
College of electrification of DSAEU Gagarina Av, 95, Dean of the Institute of pre-University training, room 227, tel. (056) 713-51-67