From January 3 to January 24, 2020, registration for participation in the trial independent external evaluation on the sites of the relevant regional quality assessment centers continues.


March 21 - Ukrainian language and literature,


March 28 - History of Ukraine, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, and Foreign Languages ​​(English, Spanish, German and French).


On the day of the trial testing, each registered participant may take a test from one subject.


Individuals who sign up for the test will be able to:


· Familiarize themselves with standardized tests that meet the requirements of the Programs, the characteristics and structure of the certification work of the 2020 External Independent Assessment;


· Perform a test t and practice filling in response forms;


· find out the correct answers to the test tasks, which will be posted on the web-site of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment at a specified time;


· Get ​​the result of trial testing with the help of a special service (optional);


· Be psychologically ready for the external independent evaluation;


· Learn to allocate time effectively;


· Evaluate your level of academic achievement.


Please note that registering for a trial EIT does not provide for automatic enrollment for the main EIT session. The results of a trial will not be counted as a score for state final certification and will not be used to participate in competitive selection during admission to higher education institutions.


Applicants living in Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya Oblasts can use the following services to register for a trial ZNO: - site of Dnepropetrovsk RCOOO;–


 step-by-step instructions for registering for a trial ZNO.


For clarification and advice, contact the Admissions Office on business days from 10am to 2pm:


Dnipro, st. Sergiy Efremov, 25


098 837-31-31


050 837-31-31


093 837-31-31