On October 23, the Faculty of Amateur Arts Competition "The Stars’ Alley 2019" was continued by the Engineering and Technology Faculty and  Water Management Engineering and Ecology Faculty.

         Prior to the event, an exhibition of arts and crafts was organized in the room of the assembly hall, and a fair was held where products and flavors made by hand could be purchased.

          The "Greatest Talent Show" awaited the audience. Acrobats, clowns performed in the bright atmosphere of the circus. The dances were interesting: "Talents in Bags", "Live Dolls" and dance with canes.  A light show, performing tricks on rollers and bicycles impressed the audience. Christina Chorney, Oleksandr Desyatnikov and Anastasia Repenko enjoyed the audience with their singing.

         The concert program was perceived with interest due to the variety of genres, the use of bright costumes and light effects.

                  Amateur performances were evaluated by a jury consisting of:

- Deputy Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work - Poplavsky Oleg;

- student club director - Gula Lyubov;

- artistic director of the student club - Beliaeva Oksana;

- the leader of the ensemble of folk and contemporary music – Klimenko Volodymyr.