At the initiative of a graduate of Engineering and Technology Faculty, an independent expert in digital agriculture, Mikhailchenko Yevgen and the Department of Machine Tractor Operation, the implementation of the project "Digital Agriculture" has been started. Practical training of students and teachers of the university in digital agriculture is expected.

The first lectures, which took place on September 10 and 17 at the Department of Machine Tractor Operation, showed great interest not only among students, but also among the professors of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine. After all, the classes are of applied nature, and the demand for specialists in the field of digital agriculture is large and constantly growing. In the next classes in October we will already use real maps. Classes will be held in the computer room # 245 and in the fields of our partners - LLC "Agro KMR"! In the field, we will determine the hardness of the soil, record data in maps, plan differentiated sowing, introduction of PPP, we will analyze and optimize the use of equipment and much more! This is the first project in Ukraine. Thank you Yevgen Mykhaylichenko. Join in !!!!