Remember the traditional theme for your school essay in the early days of the school year, "How did I spend the summer"? I do not know if anyone, but I did not like these tasks, because I always had to write the same thing.

         However more than 100 students will have something to say, because they have not just rested, but have received internships in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Poland, Denmark and Bulgaria.

         "And what?," someone will say, "you think strawberries must have been harvested." Yes, strawberries were harvested, mint was grown, and cheese was cooked, farmed in small rural hotels and assisted in restaurants. They grew everything that could grow in the harsh climate of EnglishJ, and more - they traveled, learned to work in a team, made friends and quarreled (and all in English, German, French!). And in the end, they became adults, independent, bold and confident.

A lot of things have happened over these months, we will have something to talk about. Do you want with us? Follow the news and join our club meetings - you will be able to ask about everything and decide where to go next summer! See you later!


  Iryna Volovyk,


Department of International Relations and Public Communications of the DSAEU